BOrganised is our innovative online contract management service. A ground breaking fusion of legal know-how and smart technology. Designed by some of the country’s leading lawyers and developed in-house, BOrganised puts you firmly in control of your contracts.

Borganised key featuresManage risk
BOrganised provides an organisational view of your liabilities, so you can manage risk more effectively, reducing the likelihood of costly disputes and litigation.


Borganised contract management Brodies LLPManage costs
With a complete view of all of your contractual commitments, you can take strategic decisions on suppliers, terminate contracts on time and negotiate better terms.


BOrganised Contract Management from Brodies LLPFree up valuable time
A wide range of features enables you to tackle the day-to-day contract management tasks much more efficiently, freeing you up to focus on complex or pressing matters.


Key Features


Borganised SecureSecure
Information hosted in the UK in accordance with ISO 27001, the international standard on information security management.


Borganised securityOne location
All your contracts in a single, secure and easily-accessible location, available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Borganised SecureHosted service
You do not need an IT project to use BOrganised and because it is hosted, your disaster recovery and business contingency planning is covered too.


Borganised contract management iconHighly configurable  
Customise what information you capture about your contracts and who can access it.

Broganised Time Contract Management Brodies LLPKey date summaries & reminders  
Keep track of important events using summaries and e-alerts.


Borganised Full Text SearchFull text search  
Search your entire contracts database, including scanned copies of documents.


Borganised contract management reportsCustom reports
Create bespoke reports and export summary information in a variety of formats and level of detail.


Borganised intuitive contract managementIntuitive and easy to use
Designed to be used with minimal training, you can carry out contract management tasks quickly and easily.


Borganised collaborative contract managementCollaborative
Workspaces are created for each contract allowing you to update and review key information to the contract record.