Scotland’s Constitutional Future

The Prime Minister has given notice of the UK's intention to leave the EU and the First Minister has asked Westminster to grant powers to Holyrood for a second independence referendum. What is the constitutional future for Scotland and the UK?
Brodies continues to advise clients on the raft of legal, political and commercial issues arising from Brexit and from the wider debate on Scotland's constitutional future.

With Scotland's leading EU and constitutional law team, we are uniquely placed to help clients in the private, public and third sectors understand and plan for the UK's future relationship with the EU - and the possibilities for Scotland's place in that new relationship.
We are ready and willing to help you navigate the key issues, assess what Brexit will mean for you and formulate an appropriate strategy. Please do get in touch with one of the contacts below if we can be of any assistance.

Recent updates

Food & drink businesses will be considering many of the Brexit-related issues that apply to business generally, including on contracts, post-Brexit protection of IP...