IP & Technology

MPs have recently been calling for content platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google to take action to actively remove offensive content from their networks that may be considered extremist or hateful. News reports have commented on the comparatively swift action of social media platforms to remove materials that infringe intellectual property rights. Whilst the… Read more »


Following monetary penalty notices issued against the RPSCA and the British Heart Foundation last December, the Information Commissioner’s Office has fined another eleven charities for breaches of data protection laws. The ICO’s action follows a two year investigation. How did the charities breach data protection law? The contraventions cover three broad activities: Wealth screening –… Read more »

Dispute Resolution

Notice clauses are usually found at the end of IT contracts and so can often be overlooked. We blogged back in September on why you should check this clause before serving a notice on your supplier or customer, after the Scottish Court of Session decided that a notice hadn’t been validly served in Hoe International Limited v Martha… Read more »

IP & Technology

A recurring question from clients is whether they can send an email to individuals that have opted out of marketing to ask them if they would like to opt back in. Is that request in itself marketing? How should you refresh your marketing consents in advance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? A Monetary… Read more »