The interpretation of planning policy is a key issue in the determination of planning applications. The meaning of “fully addressed” might seem straightforward, but it ended up being debated in the English Court of Appeal. Ministerial Statement In June 2015 a written ministerial statement was made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government… Read more »


Experienced developers know that the grant of planning permission is not the end of the process: inevitably there are numerous conditions to fulfil, both pre-commencement and during construction. Failure to comply with conditions, can lead to the threat of enforcement action by the planning authority. Private water supplies Concerns about potential harm to private water… Read more »

Planning & Environment

There have been two significant events recently on the issue of developer contributions to strategic infrastructure: the decision of the Supreme Court in the Elsick case; and the publication by the Scottish Government of the final part of a research project on an infrastructure charging mechanism. Strategic Infrastructure Concerns about developer contributions to funding strategic infrastructure are not new – two years ago the Planning… Read more »

Oil & Gas

The Scottish Government’s news release “Scottish Government says no to fracking” says: The Scottish Government has announced that it will not support the development of Unconventional Oil and Gas in Scotland, meaning there is an effective ban on fracking in Scotland. Public Consultation The announcement follows public consultation which received over 60,000 responses (half of those were… Read more »