Oil & Gas

The Scottish Government’s news release “Scottish Government says no to fracking” says: The Scottish Government has announced that it will not support the development of Unconventional Oil and Gas in Scotland, meaning there is an effective ban on fracking in Scotland. Public Consultation The announcement follows public consultation which received over 60,000 responses (half of those were… Read more »

Planning & Environment

We were pleased to host a seminar “Widening housing choice”, arranged by Joyce Hartley Planning. It was very timely – shortly afterwards the Scottish Government published its planning delivery advice on build to rent (BTR). The Scottish Government wants to encourage a growing BTR sector. The planning delivery advice takes a stronger approach than the… Read more »

Planning & Environment

Socio-economics has always relevant to planning decisions, but it’s given a fresh focus by the proposal by the Scottish Government to introduce an overarching duty for public authorities to have regard to reducing socio-economic disadvantage. The proposal The Scottish Government propose to commence section 1 of the Equality Act 2010:  An authority to which this section applies must, when making decisions… Read more »