What can a FC Bayern Munich mug inform us about charity law and governance? What is all this German football mug talk? Well, it was reported this week the fun story of Jim Entwistle and his favourite hot drinks holder… his beloved Bayern Munich mug. It was given to him 21 years ago in 1996… Read more »

Public Law

The Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has now published its full non-confidential decision in relation to the record fines imposed on Pfizer and Flynn Pharma last December. The investigation was the most significant of those undertaken by the CMA as part of its recent focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The initial fines, which were previously… Read more »


EU immigration has featured strongly this week in both the Queen’s Speech and the European Summit in Brussels. The Queen’s speech and Immigration Bill An Immigration Bill was proposed in the Queen’s Speech which really will focus on EU immigration.  The Bill is intended to repeal EU free movement law and bring migrating EU nationals… Read more »

IP & Technology

The Article 29 Working Party (WP29), the grouping of representatives from national privacy regulators across the EU, has provided an update on its timetable for publishing further guidance under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The update is set out in a press release issued following the WP29’s June meeting. Guidance on Data Privacy Impact… Read more »